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The Syrian economy from war to peace

The Syrian economy from war to peace
September 05
19:40 2017

Seven year war has come to an end, Syria need serious fixing, after this long devastating war.. The Syrian government and system need to consider some serious moves in order to restore economy and pump money into the country, some of those measures were taken but many is not.

Throughout  the whole period the Syrian government managed successfully the continuation of all salaries payment on time to all government employees ( civil and military), secure to its capacity subsidised fuel price and basic commodities.

Today Syria faces many challenges and in order the economy to be fixed some responsible decision and moves should be taken into consideration.

In order for the economy to move forward Syrian government must consider the following steps :

Solving the problems of hundreds of thousands of Syrian young men ( male youth ), who are spending a fortune to leave Syria in order to avoid the military services, which left Syria with no man power no labour and no work force to boost the economy in all sectors as Syria todays lacks the expertise and the new comers to the work market. Adding to this problems the immigration and refugees who left Syria to many destination seeking refuge in some other countries.

The Syrian government must seriously consider some important factors:

  • Stop the bleeding of man power by finding solutions to the youth to stay in the country through exempting military services and creating jobs, once the first part is solved the second will be easier to solve as private sector is coming back willing to inject money into the Syrian economy, but they need workers.
  • Encouraging exports : Syrian government has taken some majors but they are not enough, the measure taken is to support exporters on the shipping cost, but they should consider tax exemption plans and investment procedures which will encourage thousands of Syrian businessmen to return to the country.
  • Sanctions must be lifted : once this step is taken the Syrian import and export industry including tourism and other areas of business will start injecting money into the country.
  • Taking advantage of the Qatari / Iranian relations : Syria has very bad relations with the gas rich country Qatar and excellent relations with IRAN, however QATAR and Iran are allies in the gulf region once Iran is able to broker a deal with Qatar for Syria , the Qatari investment can make a big difference and introduce a new factor into the economy.
  • Reactivating the international investment scheme, allowing UAE investors to come back sooner then later, by inviting them and see what issues and problems they have to remove all obstacles.
  • Boarders opening : with Jordan, Iraq and Turkey which will also add extra income to encourage the transpiration sector giving license for new airline carries, opening routes to Europe, since Europe has more then 2 million Syrians right now who left the country as a result of the war.
  • Energy : Syria must consider as well rehabilitating   its energy sector which requires some work, however the problem can be fixed easily, Syrian energy issues are better off then Lebanon today, as Syria is able to produce 16 Giga Watts in 2015.
  • Water and rural areas : This is another important part of the Syrian future, as many rural areas were destroyed although their conditions before the destruction were bad, however an organised rebuilding plans will push the economy, as well as solving the water problem, by providing new means and methods for irrigation.
  • Fighting corruption : Due to the fact that the Syrian pound lost 5 times its value, income increase did not match the devaluation of the currency, therefore, corruption increased and some serious measures need to be taken by providing alternatives to reduce the necessity of corruption.
  • Of course there are many other elements which should be accounted for, however the main issue remain in the equal distribution of wealth and job opportunities.

Today, a very important part or phase in this tragic war has come to an end, the Syrian government and its faithful allies ( Russia, Iran and Hezbollah ) prevailed, ISIS on the verge of disappearance, the challenge remains in the hand of the Syrian government and institutions, the reasons which led to this war must be eliminated otherwise we may see another wave or fighting rising once again.


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