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Syrian crisis: Angelina Jolie visits Jordan refugee camp

September 19
11:18 2016

Los Angeles: Actress-activist Angelina Jolie has visited a Syrian refugee camp and urged world leaders to help sort the current crisis.

“This is not a problem of Jordan’s making, or that Jordan should be left to bear alone. They have been warning for years that they would reach a point where they on their own could do more. The world has known about the situation in the Berm for months, but no solution has yet been put forward.

“This is symptomatic of the wider problem. For all the good intentions, extraordinary efforts in the field, and the generosity of host communities, it is impossible to say that we, as an international community, are using all the tools at our disposal, or that we have even come close to doing enough to help the Syrian people,” Jolie said in a statement.

She further said that the Syria conflict and the concerns of its people should be at the centre of discussion at the upcoming United Nationa’s General Assembly.

“My message to world leaders, as they prepare to gather at the UN General Assembly in 10 days’ time, is to ask that the fundamental root causes of the Syria conflict, and what it will take to end it, are put at the center of the discussion.”

During her visit, the 41-year-old actress met with a family who had suffered imaginable loss.

In a statement released through the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), she said, “This is my fourth visit to Jordan since the conflict in Syria began. It is almost impossible to fathom what the last five years have meant, in the lives of refugees in Jordan and elsewhere in the region.

“Not a single family in this camp of 60,000 people has not suffered loss and trauma. I met a family this morning, who fled Daesh in Raqqaa, and then moved 20 times, trying to find safety inside Syria. In that time, the mother suffered repeated miscarriages, and her two brothers and one sister were killed in an airstrike.

September 14, 2016 | siasat.com

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