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No future for Syrian youth !

No future for Syrian youth !
September 03
12:46 2017

More then 9 million Syrians fled the country, 25% are young men and women left for a new hope in another country.

The lucky ones ended up in Europe some with big dreams of success, the others could not cop with the new life in the west.

The less lucky Syrians ended in refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq the sum of around 6 million Syrians. As well more then 35% of those refugees are between the age of 16 to 30, no hope, no education, no dream and no future.

Levant research institute met with ” Ahamd ” a 17 year old Syrian refugee in Lebanon he said ” I can not go back to Syria because next year I will be called to military service, I have no education I came here to this camp at the age of 13, the only thing I do every day is smoking and waiting till the war end in Syria so we can go back me and my family of nine sister and brothers. When we came to Lebanon we were five, but my family grew by four more three brothers and one sister”

” Thanks to the United Nations, their bad planing added to the Syrian crisis in the camps as they pay more allowance to pregnant woman so every one in the camp got pregnant ” Salma a Syrian activist said.

As for the youth in Syria, the problems facing them is not less miserable to the ones in refugee camps, most of the male youth wants to flee the country to avoid military service which is for most of the young men ” death sentence”. No proper training no equipment and no salary this what wait for a young Syrian male called for military service.

Syrians become experts where to run, every few weeks a new destination surface now it is Sudan, around 5000 young men went to Khartoum opening new business and restaurants introducing the Syrian cuisine to the Sudanese.

The collapse of the Syrian economy, no new jobs are available and if there is any there is no qualified people to join the jobs market.

A Syrian business man told levant ” new graduate want to leave Syria and who remains prefer to go to coffee shops for Shisha or hashish, as jobs would not pay more then 150 $ per month”.

The culture of war made the Syrian young graduate with no hope or drive for any success, the only dream or drive they have is leaving.

Syrian government is loosing a large number of freshly graduate, doctors, engineers, and many more. No plans were made by the The government to encourage these young graduates to stay, the Syrian government does not understand the Syrian people needs and dreams, every Syrian leaving the country has to spend more than $7000 for the Syria either by selling their property or collecting money from family members.

There is an obvious lack of management by the Syrian government and entities to preserve the brain drain.

There is money to be made in Syria ” , millions of US$ is spent every week by Syrians to pay for extra education to get extensions of military services, or bribes to military service organisation to change some data, or getting into Lebanon renting an apartment, and getting a university acceptance any university.

The figures waisted every year to run away is in billions of dollars.

Between the International organisations such as the United Nations, the Syrian government luck of management of human resources, the collapsed economy, the corruption in many institutions in Syria and outside Syria, Open the doors of ignorance frustration and misery to the Syrian youth.

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