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MPs say interior minister can call army into restive areas under new bill

August 26
08:03 2015

AMMAN — MPs on Tuesday agreed to an article in the decentralisation bill allowing the interior minister to call the army to help restore security in case police forces in a given governorate cannot alone bring a situation under control.

In the evening session, the House also decided on the make up of a governorate’s executive council, which will serve as the local executive authority. 

Each council will comprise the governor as president, four district governors handpicked by the president, directors of government departments, directors of development zones and industrial estates in the area, in case they exist, in addition to four executives from municipalities to be selected by the minister of municipal affairs. 

In the case of Aqaba Special Economic Zone, one of the commissioners is selected by the chief commissioner as a member of the executive council. Regarding Maan Governorate, one commissioner from Petra Region Authority will represent the district at the council.

The governor’s deputy will also be the vice president of the executive council.

As to the tasks and powers vested in this proposed local government, the lawmakers agreed that they include the drawing up of strategic and executive plans for the governorate and setting priorities for the area’s developmental need, preparing the governorate’s budget and proposing ideas for investments there.

The MPs discussed the issue of the government’s elected council, cancelling a provision that allows the appointment of 25 per cent of the council, which serves as the area’s elected local parliament. Instead, they installed a 15 per cent  women’s quota.

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